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14th february 2017, 7:30-9pm Andrey Platonov - Alexander Pushkin, an old fiddler and a diligent sparrow

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£7 full price, £5 concession

Andrey Platonov - Alexander Pushkin, an old fiddler and a diligent sparrow

14th February 2017, 7:30-9pm

Robert Chandler in conversation with Julia Sutton-Mattocks

Though still best known for The Foundation Pit, his bleak masterpiece about collectivisation, Andrey Platonov is an astonishingly varied writer who could write equally vividly about a baby hare and a steam engine, about the lives of a glamorous member of the Moscow elite and of a railwayman living and working in a remote northern forest.

He also wrote in many different genres: novels, stories, plays, film scripts and literary criticism. The focus this evening will be on two recent English-language publications:

1. A Sparrow’s Journey.

This story has recently been published on its own, along with delicate illustrations by Georgia Keeling and a CD of the poet/novelist/artist/art critic/film maker John Berger reading the story aloud. Written in late 1936, as Stalin's purges were gathering strength, the story is a profession of loyalty to Pushkin, to art and to Russia. There are also some wry thoughts about possible strategies for survival under totalitarianism.

2. Fourteen little red huts and other plays.

"Absurd, grotesque and seemingly surreal, the topsy-turvy world of Platonov's plays captures the disturbing reality of Stalin's Russia in the 1930's with precision, irreverence and verbal virtuosity! The stunning translation offers a unique opportunity for English-speaking readers and audiences to encounter one of the most uncompromising and visionary Russian writers of the last century.
— Irina Brown, Opera and Theatre Director

Tickets £7/£5

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