International summer circus camp in Russia 2018 Welcome to Russia for the summer of 2018In Circus Training Center, whic


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International summer circus camp in Russia 2018
Welcome to Russia for the summer of 2018
In Circus Training Center, which is located Barybino, Moscow, Domodedovo, Moscow
Moscow International Producer Circus Center "Alberts Show" announces a set of volunteers for teaching circus art at Circus Base "Alberts Show" at the address of Domodedovo
Course of preparation from 2 weeks to 12 weeks or more
The base is open all year round
For children from 7+ and adult
A limited number of abiturents up to 16 people is one group.
The minimum number of entrants is 10 people.
Beginning of classes from May 21 to September 2, 2018.
Is provided; Accommodation for two people in a room, 3 meals,
Living conditions: one double bedded room, shared shower, toilet, sauna, fireplace dining room, equipped common gym and separate rooms for individual lessons.
The base is a separate room built specifically for the training of athletes and circus artists.
What we teach;
Disciplines of training, Acrobatics, gymnastics, juggling, original genre, balancing, balance on the rope, free wire, coils, antipode, hula-hoops,
Air disciplines-ring, canvases, vertical rope, etc.
The class of actor's skill, pantomime,
The performances of circus numbers.
Thematic reviews of films about the circus.
Classes are conducted by teachers who graduated from the circus school and Gitis, who worked at the best venues in the world Circus artists Recognized masters in circus art Educators;
Slepchenko S
Arslanov A
Slepchenko E
Merchants B
Opletaev B and invited teachers of the circus master.
Demonstration of master classes from recognized circus masters.
One day of classes 65 pounds with accommodation and 3 meals a day.
The minimum course is one week 7 days- 455 pounds
One week of coaches with accommodation and three meals a day 7 days a week cost 455 pounds
Two weeks 14 days cost 910 pounds trening, all accomadation and 3 times meal

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Albert Arslanov Arslanov
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