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I am looking for female friends for chat, spend time together and you are welcome to meet up.
Any nationality is welcome to meet up.
Age must be over 18 and under 35.
Looking for friendship - No kiss and No sex.

I am British, male, single, white, live alone, well educated and decent person.
I had accident, walking is difficult, and I am very lonely.
Medical reason I cannot drink alcohol.
I do not smoke and no drug.
I live in central London in zone 1 on Shoreditch, walking distance to old street tube station.

Could you please reply with your name, gender, age, nationality and your phone number?

Before we meet up, I will call you , and you let me know when and where / public place we will meet up, please

I am vulnerable / my walking is difficult. You have to be safe and feel free, so I would like to meet up in a public place in central London in zone 1 on Shoreditch , such as in a Cafe.
I am happy to pay for food and drink.

See you