28 апр 2019 12:10

I am Engineer Maritime 3 class. This is the STCW-95 certificate for officers in charge of an engineering watch (Third/Fourth Marine Engineer) in a manned engine-room or designated duty engineers in a periodically unattended engine-room.
I have experience in Engine Room(Container Ship and Ro-Ro) as
Motorman 1 class more than 5 years and as
4-th engineer -5 years.
I renew all my certificates and documents just 25. 12. 2015 and now ready to work.
Also I have previous experience as rescue NAVY deep diver.
And certificates for Passenger Ship and Tankers (Basic Train. . )
from 06. 17 to11. 2017 work in Norway and Sweden as Fiter-Motorman and have a Promotion from Harren&Partner Company. Now I am ready to join and start.
Готов к любой работе, связ. с техникой. Тесты и СSCS cдадим. Будьте терпеливы и дайте старт. I Have NINo and Bank account and EU passport. Now in Godalming. If you have a job , we need discuss about some accomodations or room. 0754747619621