Novus - our childhood memories. Come and join us for the game event.

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Novus- our childhood memories)
Come and join us for the game event.

Novuss is a two-player (or four-player, doubles) game of physical skill which is closely related to carrom/ Karrom, and pocket billiards. Novuss is a national sport in Latvia. The board is approximately 100 centimetres square, made of wood, has pockets in each corner, and lines marked on the surface. The board is usually placed on a stand. It uses small discs instead of balls, and each player has their own small coloured striker disk instead of the cue ball used in other cue sports. Players use a cue stick to propel their striker into their colored object pucks (the novuss equivalent of object balls), knocking them into the pockets. The winner is the first one to sink all eight of their object

With a small fee of £7 per adult and £3 for kids you can enyoj the game any time between 12 and 6pm. There are other table games to play such as Dixit,Uno, Cubico, Sumo-Jam,Domino and so on.
Tea , coffee, bisquits on the house.

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