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15 окт 2017 16:09 # 10217746

I am 56, with a current (Lithuanian) EU passport.
I can start to work immediately "live in ".
I am seeking a full time position.
I am comfortable with very small children and have experience with newborns, toddlers . I am used to teaching new and interesting things while we play such as reading, painting, dressing up, listening to music, going to different playgrounds, libraries and playgroups or just walking in the park.
I would be happy to help with all nursery duties and in cooking healthy food. I worked more than 3 years in Spain as a nanny and 3 years in UK.
I am hardworking, reliable, trustworthy and flexible .
I am a graduate of art school ( I also like technical drawing).
I am a conscientious person who works hard and pays attention to detail. I am very flexible, easy going and friendly.
My hobbies are the tango , yoga and photography.
I am experienced with new born babies to help with nursery duties including weaning.
Spoken and written Languages:
Russian (native), Lithuanian, Spanish, English.

I have travelled to Miami, Mexico, Africa, and Russia.

I am very athletic and energetic.

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