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Стань Водителем с Wheely!

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What you get from wheely

Nice people: wheely customers are lovely and you’ll find that driving them is both a gratifying and a thoroughly enjoyable experience.
Weekly payouts: receive full payment every week without fail (we’re never late in paying you).
Work at your convenience: you choose your working hours (whatever they may be), putting you in control of your time.
Tips: get a tip? It’s all yours — you’ve earned it! We never charge you fees on your tips.
Points system: you earn points for completing asap rides. Spend these points on pre-books (no cheeky controllers deciding what jobs they give you! ).
Bonus system: when you complete 15 rides or more in a week, you’ll get a bonus for each one (and we won’t take any commission off the top).

Our expectations of you
You must have the following:
At least 5 years driving experience,
No more than 3 points on your driving license
A private hire licence
An ios or android device
Exceptionally good knowledge of london
Knowledge of chauffeur etiquette

Types of drivers and vehicles we are looking for
Wheely offers passengers a choice of exec and vip drivers:
Exec: you are a professional driver with a mercedes e-class, bmw 5 series, tesla model s, jaguar xf, audi a6 (2012 or newer).
Dress code: suit and tie.
Vip: you are a professional chauffeur with a mercedes s-class, bmw 7 series, audi a8, jaguar xj (2012 or newer).
Dress code: suit and tie

How to apply
Go to www. Wheely. Com and click the ‘become a driver’ button today and complete the application form.
Book your interview for your preferred date.
Complete a knowledge test to show us how well you know london.
Join the wheely team and start earning!

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