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4 Double комнаты рядом со станцией. Хорошая цена!

Восточный Лондон


Beautiful Newly Refurbishment Flat, Zone 2, Next to station.
I have an Amazing 4 Bedroom Flat Available right next to Bromley by bow Station. 4 Spacious Fully Rooms with all necessary things are here for your attention. Flat was just been refurbished and looks like brand new. Room size is really good, so if you have a lot Aof stuff, it wont be a problem anymore, also you will find work/study desk in each room. Brand new beds and mattresses are provided. Kitchen and Bathroom are really spacious and are shinning. This property is Banging! Off-site Parking, Very close to A12
Looking for someone to move in as soon as possible. Looking for reliable and honest tenants, who wont bring any problems and wont make damage to the property. Students or Proffesionals both are welcomed. Singles or Couples, I dont mind. I am looking for long term tenants at the moment. I think that price is fair, and it is a great value for money.
1 month rent and 1 month deposit is required, if necessary, deposit can be splited in 2 payments.

Less than 3 minutes walk to Bromley By Bow Underground Station (Hammersmith and District Lines), 5 minutes walk to Devons Road DLR station. Only 4 stops to Canary Wharf and Stratford. Brilliant Links to the City. You can be in Oxford Circus in 20 mins & Harrods in Knightsbridge with in 30 mins. Great selection of Restaurants, bars & Night life 10 mins away in Old Street & Shoreditch. 24 Hour Shops to buy food if out late or coming home from Work late. Great Area can't fault it.

For viewings and other information please contact me by Text/Call, Available for you all the time :)

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username_icon_altViktor Zafar Bodna
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