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18 окт 2016 | 13:02

Zid Group is looking for an enthusiastic cooperative person with great interpersonal abilities and a demonstrated re

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Zid Group is looking for an enthusiastic cooperative person with great interpersonal abilities and a demonstrated reputation of achievement in deals. Imagination, adaptability, and devotion are center qualities showed by effective Zid Group experts.

Key roles for the position are simple:

• Finding customers in a specific business field ( ex. Cleaning Services - Construction services - Recruiting Services)
• Managing the client orders from the beginning till the end
• Making estimate quotes for our services
• Tracking website orders and responding promptly with price quotes
• Managing workers schedule and assigning workers on client orders
• Tracking the quality of work via followup calls.
• Obtain qualitative and quantitative information from sales floor
• Manage equipment stocks
• Develop sales strategies and targets with team
• Assist sales team achieve quarterly and annual quota

Job Requirements:

• Must have experience in Sales
• Must be fluent in English - any other languages are a plus
• Must follow the standard procedures
• Experience working with chain stores and independent accounts
• Exceptional interpersonal skills, ability to work with customers to develop strong long term business relationships while achieving sustainable profitable growth
• Strong computer skills including Microsoft Office​
• Excellent organizational skills and ability to prioritize tasks
• Excellent verbal, presentation and written communication skills
• Ready to start immediately
• Eastern European candidates ( Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Moldova ) is a plus
• All documents ( Visa, Passport so on ) have to be valid.

If successful - all employees will pass 2 weeks unpaid internship - this will help us determine what are your strengths and where you need to work.

Compensation and Benefits

Highly Competitive - 8 Pounds / hour + % from every closed deal. Paid training, Weekly bonus plan and Vacation packages, friendly team, a clean office with a kitchen with free coffe

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