3 дня назад 10:16

English teacher
Skyeng is the largest online school of English in Eastern Europe.

We now start a new Skyeng Talks project and invite you to join us! Skyeng Talks is a system of 15-minute communicative session with a student where you discuss a significant topic. Talks-session is not a simple lesson. It s more like a freer-practice technique or 1-to-1 speaking club.

We are looking for teachers who are able to:
Ask open questions for students to elaborate on.
Detect mistakes in student s speech and correct them in the right manner.
Enrich student s vocabulary with new lexis.
Adjust a conversation to student s level - from Elementary up to Advanced.

We expect our teachers:
1. To be able to be online 2 hours a day 5 days per week.
2. To conduct lessons after 6 p. m. (Moscow time) and at the weekend.
3. Workplace should be neat, with a neutral background.

Working conditions:
We offer payment for one conducted 15-minute talk.
Downtime without students is not paid for. Talks will be fully paid after 1-minute waiting in case the student was found, but did not get in touch after the teacher confirmed the lesson.