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HMO Services

We uncomplicate property licensing and compliance, providing unrivalled expertise using competent and accredited professionals. Our services can be used by multiple stakeholders in the property industry, from landlords with a single property to agents managing large portfolios.

HMO Licensing Support
Licence applications
Local authority compliance check

HMO Design

Our HMO services have changed the way HMO design takes place by integrating architectural design and specialist HMO compliance experience specific to each council borough all overseen by an Environmental Health Officer.

The system was designed to allow property investors and developers the peace of mind that they aren t designing or building properties that have no chance of passing planning permission or the local HMO team. Property licensing is an ever-changing landscape and we are here to take the stress out of the design process to maximise the potential of your assets and get the specification of the property correct and compliant the first time around.

We can even manage your build process or put your project out to tender with vetted contractors.

HMO Planning

Planning advice on an individual property
Planning application for C3 to C4 HMO (where needed in Article 4 areas)
Planning application for C3 to Sui Generis HMO
Other change of use applications
Planning applications for new dwellings/conversion up to 9 units
Lawful Development Certificate applications

Residential fire risk assessments

Residential Fire Risk Assessments are best practice in all let properties and are a legal requirement in an HMO. Our HMO-specific assessments will give you the best possible guidance on fire safety for your property.

Our accredited fire officer will visit the property to complete a detailed evaluation, measuring your properties compliance with fire safety regulations.

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