25 сен 2022 14:13

I am multilingual ( English, Russian, Romanian), kind and caring professional carer and a nanny with experience in looking after children age 1 to 18. My background as a teacher in combination with paediatric health care assistant career, mainly ASD, SP, Cerebral palsy, Global Developmental Delay and Palliative Care ( Medicine and feed administration PEG/JEJ/ Suctioning/ Oxygen Therapy/ CPAP/ Tracheostomy Care/ Physiotherapy/ Nebulisation/ Hoisting/ Cough Assist/ Complex Seizure Management) provide me with excellent base to work with all age children as well as with children with complex health conditions and special needs. As former child circus performer and an equestrian horse back rider I have a natural ability to develop rapport with children and hold their attention for the duration of the day introducing in their daily routine all sorts of physical and educational activities.

Two Bachelor degrees in Foreign Languages and Theology
RQF Level 2 Certificate in Introducing Caring for Children
Enhanced DBS Certificate With Update Online Service
Blended 12h Paediatric Firs Aid Certificate for Ofsted

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