1 апр 2024 20:21

Sales Rep

This role is perfect for those who love the open road and thrive on building strong, effective relationships.

Key Responsibilities:

Conduct regular visits to clients and potential customers, efficiently managing travel schedules to maximise engagement and sales opportunities.
Execute hands-on demonstrations of our products, highlighting features and benefits to encourage purchases and installations.
Manage and update our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with all client interactions, sales progress, and activity logs.

What We Offer:

A dynamic and engaging role that combines your love for driving with the opportunity to cultivate lasting client relationships.
A chance to be an integral part of a growing business, directly influencing our brand presence and sales performance.

Ideal Candidate:

Good communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to connect and build relationship with clients of diverse backgrounds.
Strong organisational skills, with a knack for planning efficient routes and schedules.
Self-motivated and results-driven, with a persistent approach to achieving sales targets and business goals.
A valid driver s license and a love for being on the road.

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